New AirQ ShielD for Arduino UNO

airqshield-2As we’ve announced some days ago, we are progressively releasing information about how to develop custom applications above our wireless devices. We already described the protocol we’ve developed to interact with our control boards and wireless sensors: its name is sNET and it’s fully documented in our technical wiki ( Moreover, we are developing new devices that will speed up the integration process.

The first product we are going to release is AirQ ShielD. As its name suggest, it’s a shield for the popular Arduino Uno platform. Thanks to this shield, it will be possible to develop custom hardware projects that interact with our devices. For example, it will be really simple to develop an automation solution using one of the our wireless control boards as well as other type of projects which use one of our wireless sensors.

However, AirQ ShielD will allow building even more general wireless applications too. Indeed, it can be used to simply exchange messages among different Arduino boards using several shields.

A fully Arduino compatible library will be release in the next days with an open source license. AirQ ShieldD has a really competitive price: €19,90+VAT. However, for a limited time, it will be possible to buy an AirQ 310 and an AirQ ShielD at the same price of the AirQ 310 control board!

Stay tuned 😉

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