Announce: the new AirQ ShielD is out!


We are really happy to announce the new release of our Arduino shield: AirQ ShielD 2.0. We introduced several modifications to the original AirQ ShielD. Let’s see these modifications in depth:

  • SPI interface: the most important evolution is that this new release uses SPI to communicate with the Arduino. This means that the SoftwareSerial library is no longer needed, allowing to save up to 20% of code space. Moreover, the sNET library for Arduino was updated to support an interrupt-driven approach. From the developer point of view, this means that there is no longer need to poll the sNET::processMessages() as in the past.
  • Used pins: AirQ ShielD was designed to try to be 100% compatible with the most used shields for Arduino Uno. So we decided to use following pins:
    • SPI pins on the ICSP connector;
    • Pin for the interrupt pin;
    • Pin 9 as SSN pin.
  • UEXT slot: we added a convenient UEXT compatibile slot. This allows AirQ ShielD to interact with Olimex modules and devices like Olinuxino family.
  • Support for sNET 5.x firmware: AirQ ShielD 2.0 supports the new 5.x sNET firmware. This allows the shield to be compatible with all new products from AirQ Networks, like the new AirQ 325 control board with power consumption meter.

We also updated the sNET library to cover the new hardware. The old sNET library for AirQ ShielD 1.x users is still available on a separate branch.

We’ll publish more info in the next days. Stay tuned 😉

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