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The integration of AirQ Networks products in Souliss

Souliss ( it’s an open-source, distributed and web oriented framework for Home Automation, designed to run over different hardware platforms. Souliss it’s not a trivial application that runs on the top of Arduino or similar developing platform. It’s a complete stack, able to run both over different hardware mediums and protocols. For example, Souliss can run on different communication hardware medium (ethernet, WiFi, etc) and it can interface different control protocols like Modbus. The goal of Souliss is to provide a complete framework that allows “advanced users” to develop custom and low-cost solutions for Home Automation.

The most stunning features of Souliss are:

  • Scalability: Souliss is designed to support from one to tens of distributed nodes.
  • Small footprint: the library fits in about one half of Arduino’s memory (RAM). The full Souliss project can use from 700 bytes up to 1300 bytes depending on configuration.
  • Flexibility: you can implement your home automation logics easily, and it’s straightforward adding new custom devices.
  • Multiple medias are supported as Wiznet W5100 for Ethernet connection and Atmel AT86RF230 for Wireless point to point connection, with automatic bridging and routing.
  • Remotely manage your devices/appliances with hardware (i.e. switches) and software commands

Moreover, Souliss provides an excellent app for Android devices that allows to interact with Souliss nodes.


Souliss Team did a great job integrating sNET protocol in their stack. This means that you can develop complete Home Automation projects using Souliss stack and AirQ Networks products. Moreover, you can easily mix up hardware coming from different vendors. For example, in this video you can see an AirQ 305 control board interacting with an Olimex MOD-IO board.


We’ll talk again about Souliss soon and we’ll show how it’s simple to setup a Souliss node using AirQ Networks products.

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