sNET library for Arduino 0.5

We’ve just released the new 0.5 version of sNET adapter for Arduino. This release introduces support for other AirQ Networks devices:

  • We added support for new low-cost wireless temperature sensor AirQ 100. This is a really inexpensive wireless sensor (€49,90) from AirQ Networks that is suitable to detect ambient temperature (it’s not designed to work at low temperatures like other AirQ Networks sensors).
  • We also added support to the best seller AirQ 101 wireless temperature sensor. It’s an industry grade wireless sensor designed to operate at really low temperatures (down to -40°C).

Like all other devices, it’s really simple to interface these devices, as shown in the following Arduino code:



The full code is inside the example directory of sNET package. As usual, the library is hosted on our github repository.

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