sNET library for Arduino release 0.3 is out

We’ve just released the new 0.3 version of sNET adapter for Arduino. This release introduces new interesting changes:

  • We changed the way confirmation is handled. Now we use the sNET message modifier MSG_CONFIRM to ask control board if a command has been received. This allows a better management of confirmation giving the best performance possible.
  • We decided that the default value for check parameter in setRELAYx() method is now true. This means that, if the library was compiled with the macro SNET_ENABLE_CONFIRM, all setRELAYx() operations are done with confirmation. 
  • We’ve added the support to relay pulse for AirQ 310 control board through pulseRELAYx() method.
  • Now the support for new AirQ 305 control board is completed (we’ll say more about this in a next post).

We also added an “example” directory inside the library that contains examples that show how to use a given board. The only thing to change is the sNET address of the specific board.

As usual, the library is hosted on our github repository.

In the next release, we’ll focus on adding more documentation on the whole library.

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