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Buy an AirQ 305 wireless control board in bundle with an AirQ ShielD and you'll save more than 10%
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Save more than 10%

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Buy an AirQ 310 wireless control board, with 6 relays and battery backup circuit, and you'll get a free Arduino AirQ ShielD
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Save up to 10%

New wireless control board from AirQ Networks

We are really excited to announce that we are almost ready to release a new control board on the market. Its name is AirQ 305 and it will have really interesting features and, more important, a really competitive price.


AirQ 305 has the following characteristics:

  • 4 Relays capable of control up 10A of current.
  • 4 Opto-isolated inputs that accept a broad range of inputs running from 3V to 24VDC.


Different from other AirQ Networks control boards, that are designed to address the industrial market, this control board was designed to keep its production costs as low as possible. So AirQ 305 is addressed especially to hobbyists and all those people that need to keep budget low.

AirQ 305 will be sold for a limited time offer at €49,90. Special offer is available only if the AirQ 305 is bought in bundle with an AirQ ShielD.

We’ll start to ship AirQ 305 control boards by the end of the next week (15 March 2013).

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