AirQ ShielD development status

We are currently working hard to release as soon as possible the Arduino library that will allow to interface our devices. We have written down already a lot of code and we are doing testing and tuning up.

The following video shows a really simple and funny application (but a little bit useless :-)). The sketch running on Arduino is a simple loop that cycles between the 5 relays of an AirQ 310 boards.

Ok. It’s useless, but great 😀

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2 Responses to AirQ ShielD development status

  1. Irvin

    Is there a way to turn on two relays at the same time?

  2. admin

    Yes, of course. To change a relay status you send a byte containing which relay to turn on/off. This byte can be seen as a mask: each bit is related to a specific relay. We suggest to take a look to Message.h file. Inside it you’ll find RELAY_MASKs for a given board. For example, for AirQ 310 board, the following masks are defined:

    #define AIRQ310_RELAY1_MASK 0x1
    #define AIRQ310_RELAY2_MASK 0x2
    #define AIRQ310_RELAY3_MASK 0x4
    #define AIRQ310_RELAY4_MASK 0x8
    #define AIRQ310_RELAY5_MASK 0x10
    #define AIRQ310_RELAY6_MASK 0x20

    To turn on/off two or more relays at the same time, you need to use the setRELAY() method of a board object. For example, to turn on RELAY1 and RELAY2 you can call the method in this way:

    board->setRELAY(AIRQ310_RELAY1_MASK|AIRQ310_RELAY2_MASK, ON, true);


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